About Dragon Claw Studio

Our Mission

Here at the Dragon Claw Studio, our goal is to create games for both type of audiences: Casual and Hardcore gamers. Casual games are simple but deep games that literally everyone can enjoy. Hardcore games are more similar to stand alone PC games as they can be complex and endearing. We strongly believe that we have what it takes to please both audiences.

Company History

The company was founded in February 2002 by Zackary T CastleFree and Melany Pepin. Zackary previously worked at Atari (Infogrames) and Ubi Soft where he learned his craft. Melany was a graphic design artist and worked on numerous web sites.

The DCS’ first game, FaitH, garnered a cult following by being the first graphical Strategy Web-Based Game on the internet. It was, and still is, one of the best web game on the planet. In 2005, The Studio made the leap to casual games to reach another type of audience. Timeline and Z! Trivia were the first two casual games released.

The rest is gaming history…